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In addition to our 100% commitment to providing unmatched customer service, we have an underlying corporate goal of building a long term relationship with each of our customers. The proof of our success at meeting this goal is in the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Dean Jackson

“I've used Woodland Hills Plumbing on routine plumbing issues and very involved and challenging issues over the past eight years. They have always responded in a timely manner, provided accurate feedback and performed the work professionally. I have found their rates and quotes to be competitive. I have no reservations about recommending them to tenants, owners and other real estate professionals.”

Tom Reeves

“The Woodland Hills Plumbing staff has always displayed professionalism and responds with a sense of urgency if necessary. When making appointments, the office staff tries to line us up with X (Service Technician). X is experienced, extremely knowledgeable, efficient, dependable and a hardworker. Woodland Hills plumbing has been a good find.”

Paul Chandler

“You Woodland Hills Plumbing have never steered me wrong. I would recommend the company to anyone. You have earned our trust, and I feel like the company will do the right job.”

Rob Sauer

“Congratulations on being named plumber of the year (2001). Y’all have earned it with your hard work for the PMA and the plumbing industry. Keep up the great job you are doing. You make us all look good.”

Ron Thompson

“We recently had a need for a plumber at our business regarding a water heater that had gone bad and flooded our offices. The top notch service you provided is nothing less than amazing. I called your company in the morning; you arrived the same day and you had the exact unit that we needed. It was installed and is still working great and X ( Service Technician) was excellent. I thought this kind of service was a thing of the past. What a surprise to find it still flourishing at your company.

Gregory Quesnel

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the service I received recently from X (Service Technician). He was personable and professional, and he did quality work. Although he had to cut through the ceiling, he took the time to determine there was no alternative. I was impressed and comforted throughout his visit. As a result of Charles’ dedication, I will consider you (Aqua Plumbing) my plumber of choice in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family for their plumbing needs.

Bob Allen